How to Advocate for Farm Animals at Home and in Your Community

Family With Teenage Children Eating Breakfast In Kitchen / Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images, Shutterstock

How to Advocate for Farm Animals at Home and in Your Community

Talking to and engaging with friends and family members about farm animal issues is a great way to raise awareness. Here are a few tips.

Friends and Family

It’s important not to overwhelm others when talking about farm animal issues. Meeting people where they are is really important and effective.

Some people might be receptive to your message while others might feel uncomfortable when talking about diet change and issues of our food system. Being kind and understanding goes a long way when talking to loved ones, and leading by example can be a great way to inspire change. Here are a few ways you can introduce plant-based eating to your friends and family.

Dinner for Loved Ones

If you are a cook consider inviting friends to your house and make a delicious vegan meal for them and your family.

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Movie Night

Take a Friday or Saturday night to host a movie screening at your house with family or friends. A variety of films related to farm animals and our food system are available, ranging from the environmental impact of animal agriculture to the health benefits of plant-based eating. When hosting your movie night don’t forget to provide snacks, like popcorn or chips and salsa. If you want to really win your audience over, make vegan cookies or brownies.

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