Plant Powered Run & Walk for Farm Animals


Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary walks and endurance events have brought thousands of people together to get active for farm animals. The Plant Powered Run & Walk for Farm Animals was designed to promote the benefits of plant-based living, while educating the public on the deep emotional lives of farm animals and advocating for reform.

We’re counting on you and your fellow compassion champions to pledge to help us raise money to continue in our fight for change. Join us. Together, we can outpace animal cruelty on behalf of the hundreds of rescued farm animals at Farm Sanctuary and the billions of others who deserve freedom from harm.

Fundraising Tips

The Plant Powered Run & Walk for Farm Animals plays a key role in Farm Sanctuary’s funding and operations. We rely on individuals like you to help us bring about change for farm animals. By raising money, you directly support our rescue, education, and advocacy work. Because of you, we will help more animals than ever before!

Raising money for animals is easy!

Follow these simple guidelines to raise even more money for farm animals!

  • Plan. Before asking for money, decide what your fundraising goal will be. Select deadlines for yourself. Keep track of who you ask, and when, so you are able to send individual reminders.
  • Ask everyone. Remember that nobody likes cruelty to animals — no matter their dietary choices — and most people are shocked to hear what happens on factory farms. Choose an animal story, such as the tale of Frank, a runaway bull who escaped slaughter at a live market, to help make your case. Don’t be afraid to show your passion — your friends and family will care if you care.
  • Share your story! Reach out to friends, family, and co-workers and share on your social media channels. Ask that they donate through your personal giving page and be sure to include a link!

How to raise $250 in one week

(Hint: All you have to do is ask!)

Day 1

Sponsor yourself for $25

Day 2

Ask three family members for $25

Day 3

Ask five friends to donate $15

Day 4

Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $10

Day 5

Email 15 contacts and ask for a $10 donation

Day 6

Ask your company for a $75 contribution

Day 7

Ask two businesses you frequent for $25

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