Sanctuary and Farm Animal Care Guides

Farm Animal Care

Farm Sanctuary has been providing lifelong, loving care for farmed animals since 1986. Because animals used for food production are rarely provided individual care on factory farms, our shelters have become pioneers in the care and treatment of farm animals. We have developed many effective treatments and care procedures for ailments that are common in factory-farmed animals. For example, turkeys and chickens have been selectively bred to grow abnormally fast and large, resulting in many health problems due to excessive weight and overproduction. Pigs, bred to be five times larger than their natural weight, suffer from hoof abscesses and leg-joint problems.

Our shelters have accumulated a wealth of farm animal care information, obtained through research, experience, and hands-on work. We are continually adding to our library of information as our caregivers and veterinarians explore treatment options and discover new care information. All health, nutritional, and husbandry protocols are updated as new information is acquired.

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