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Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Adoption Network

Farm Sanctuary operates the country’s largest farm animal rescue and adoption network. Every year, we assist with hundreds of urgent placement needs, including helping to secure homes for victims of cruelty and neglect, factory farm victims, such as those rescued from natural disasters or transport accidents, or for animals who are surrendered by farmers or guardians. When our shelters are at capacity, we depend on the compassionate adopters in our network who want to make a direct difference in the lives of farm animals. Since 1986, thousands of at-risk individuals have been given a new beginning because of the connections made through our Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN).

Note: The FAAN program is for those interested in adopting farm animals into their homes, if you are looking for information about Adopt a Farm Animal Program for financially sponsoring our sanctuary residents, please contact sponsorship@farmsanctuary.org or call 607-583-2225, ext. 225.