Adoption FAQ

Adoption FAQ

What is the Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN)?
FAAN is a national farm animal rescue and refuge project to provide safe, permanent, and loving homes for rescued farm animals. FAAN is coordinated by Farm Sanctuary, a national farm animal rescue and protection organization which started the country’s first shelter devoted to victims of “food animal” production. Since the group formed in 1986, the FAAN project has provided a “happy ending” for thousands of abused and neglected farm animals.

How do I become a member of FAAN?
All individuals interested in adopting farm animals are required to complete an adoption application. Your completed application should be sent to Farm Sanctuary, P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, or faxed to 607-583-2041. After we receive your application, we will need 2–3 weeks to verify your adoption references listed. As soon as your application is processed, we will send you a letter regarding your application status. If approved, a FAAN adoption coordinator will then call you to discuss your adoption interests and, when applicable, schedule your adoption.

How do I qualify to become a FAAN member?
Adoption qualifications include: Current memberships in animal protection organizations; ability to provide for the animal(s) financially; appropriate housing, land, and fencing; good veterinary references and access to a vet who treats farm animals; vegetarian lifestyle and commitment to animal rights.

How does the FAAN project work?
As a FAAN member, your name will be entered into a national farm animal adoption database which is maintained by Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary receives dozens of urgent farm animal placement calls every month. Throughout the year, FAAN members will receive a weekly Email FAAN Alert listing all placement needs, and you may also receive calls for urgent national placements due to large farm animal cruelty cases.

What are my adoption obligations as a FAAN project member?
FAAN members decide when and whom they choose to adopt. FAAN members are under no obligation to adopt at any time. In each case when you are contacted, you will make the determination whether to adopt, based on your ability to care for additional farm animals at that time. We will contact you annually to update your adoption file, and you may choose to remove your name from the FAAN member list at any time.

How do I adopt farm animals?
FAAN members generally adopt farm animals in one of two ways:

FAAN members adopt farm animals when they receive calls from individuals or agencies needing to place rescued farm animals in their community. The adoption policies and procedures, animal transportation and/or adoption fees will vary.

FAAN members adopt farm animals from Farm Sanctuary adoption centers located at our New York or California shelters. The shelters are open seven days a week for adoptions — appointments are necessary. Adopters are required to sign a Farm Sanctuary Adoption Agreement Contract and pay the following adoption fees:

Chicken – $10.00
Cow/Steer – $100.00
Duck – $20.00
Goat – $50.00
Goose – $20.00
Rabbit – $10.00
Sheep – $50.00
Pig – $75.00
Turkey – $20.00

Animals must be adopted in pairs of the same species, unless the adopter already has existing animals of that species.

Where are most of the farm animals rescued from?
Most of the farm animals needing placement have been rescued from factory farms, stockyards, auctions, slaughterhouses, or other “food animal” production facilities. In addition to enduring the standard cruel animal agriculture practices — such as severe confinement, mutilation, and overcrowding — the animals have generally suffered even more cruelties because they have been starved, abandoned, and grossly neglected when they were considered “useless” by meat, dairy, and egg producers.

Do farm animals require special care?
After caring for farm animals, most adopters agree that caring for a cow or chicken is similar to caring for dogs and cats! It is important to note, however, that some farm animals will have “special needs” later in life because of “food animal” production practices. For example, pigs and turkeys have been bred to grow abnormally large and often have health problems related to excessive weight. Also, some diseases and health problems resulting from starvation and neglect may emerge later in life or reduce the animals’ lifespans. Of course, for all adopted farm animals, you will need to learn the specific animals’ housing, feed, and health care needs, and Farm Sanctuary is happy to assist you. We offer hands-on training conferences, animal care information, and shelter internships to all FAAN members.

Can I visit a Farm Sanctuary shelter?
Of course! Currently, Farm Sanctuary operates shelters New York and California. In New York, public shelter tours are held May through October. In Southern California, public tours are held throughout the year on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Farm Sanctuary members are also welcome to visit the shelters year-round on an appointment-only basis. Shelter volunteers are always needed and welcome too!

For further information please contact:

Farm Sanctuary – National Office & New York Shelter
P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891
Phone: 607-583-2225 ext.223 · Fax: 607-583-2041

Shelter email address:

If, however, this is regarding your Adopt a Farm Animal Program sponsorship, please contact or call 670-583-2225 ext. 225.