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Chino: (Sept. 7, 2016), Bill is a one and a half year old potbellied pig whose diet consists of potbellied pig pellets supplemented with fruit and vegetables. Bill loves to play with a treat dispenser that he rolls around and likes to run occasionally. He has good manners and goes inside his house easily every night.
Contact: Rosa | Email: rosalmariacabrera@gmail.com



Los Angeles County: (March 20, 2017), Two six month old potbellied pigs are unable to remain in their current home due to zoning restrictions and changes in their guardian’s circumstance. They are in immediate need of placement. Their guardian describes them as adorable and sweet.
Contact: Jordan | Phone: 310-980-3591 | Email: laarch26@gmail.com

Oakland: (Feb. 8, 2017), A friendly, sweet, three year old female potbellied pig is in immediate need of a new home. Mackenzie loves attention, and also loves grapes! Mackenzie’s guardian must find a new home for her at landlord’s request.
Contact: Terri |Phone: 510-688-6337 |Email:mcintoshterri@yahoo.com









Paradise: (Jan. 6, 2017), Two five month old female Old Spot/Red Wattle mix farm pigs are in need of a new home.  These girls were adopted to prevent them from becoming Christmas hams.  Their rescuers hoped to be able to keep them, but their neighbors are complaining that they might attract wild predators. The girls are extremely sweet and well-socialized with people.
Contact: Aileonna |Phone: 530-591-0674 |Email: hellenicdragon@yahoo.com 

Placerville: (Dec. 27, 2016), Chief is a large male unneutered farm pig, a Black and Tamworth cross.  He has been raised as a barnyard pet since his birth. Chief is well-socialized and comes when called.  Chief’s guardians are moving and cannot take him with them.  They can assist with transport to a good home.
Contact: Matt | Phone: 530-317-7165 | Email: mrbusta@att.net 


Red Bluff:  (Nov. 3, 2016), Hope is a special needs, three month old female potbellied pig who was born with an improperly formed jaw.  She consequently has some special feeding requirements. She is sweet as can be!
Contact: Debra | Phone: 530-840-7359 | Email: jaredandtrisha@gmail.com



San Pedro: (Jan. 13, 2017), A sweet neutered male nine month old potbellied pig named Tank is in need of a new home. Tank’s tusks have been removed. Tank” is friendly with children and very well-behaved, but his guardians are moving out of state and need to rehome him immediately.
Contact: Ivette | Phone: 310-357-0833 | Email: ivetterubio19@outlook.com 






Sunland: (Dec. 13, 2016), A sweet, loving neutered male 250-lb. potbellied needs a new home because his guardian passed away. He is incredibly lonely.
Contact: Denise | Phone: 818-331-4764 | Email: denisemaybe2@gmail.com



Sylmar: URGENT (Sept. 9, 2016), PiggyBoy is a three year old, neutered male Yorkshire pig. He originally came from an abusive situation in which he was being raised for slaughter. He is now a happy, healthy, and very loving pig. Piggyboy enjoys having his people sing into his big beautiful ears, drinking directly from the hose, having his ears cleaned, and being brushed. Piggyboy is in urgent need of a new home as he is under threat of being confiscated by Animal Control due to a neighbor’s complaint. He is very sweet and has never shown any signs of aggression toward anyone; he just needs a chance to live out his life safely and peacefully.
Contact: Tyra | Phone: 818-428-0897 | Email: oinkitygirl@yahoo.com



Plainfield: (March 22, 2017), Three Yorkshire piglets and one Yorkshire/potbellied cross are looking for permanent homes. They are currently being cared for by volunteers at A Critter’s Chance Rescue. All are spayed or neutered. The piglets, whose mother died while giving birth, are three months old, and the Yorkshire cross, who was saved from slaughter, is six months old. Transportation and vaccinations will be taken care of by the rescue.
Contact: Amanda | Email:  anosie@gmail.com


Rayville:  URGENT (Oct. 22, 2016), An intact (for now) male hog weighs who is approximately 450lbs. is in desperate need of a new home.  He currently lives in a tiny trailer where he has spent his entire life. He has no protection from the elements or shade. The bottom of the trailer has rotted out so he falls though almost every time he tries to move. He has no regular food or water. We are in a poor rural area of Louisiana where there is no animal control or shelter. Our rescue, The Delta Humane Society, was called by the Sheriff to help with this situation that involves dogs, cows, horses and the pig. We have help with the other animals but none, so far, for this guy. We can only help him if we get a commitment to place him. He will be neutered and fully vetted prior to placement.
Contact: Della | Phone: 661-609-7537 | Email: radha_odyssey@yahoo.com


Detroit: (March 20, 2017), A three year old neutered male potbellied pig named Vernon must be rehomed due to changes in his guardian’s circumstances. Vernon is a sweet guy and loves attention.
Contact: Jim | Phone: 313-310-0708

New York

Brooktondale: (Jan. 20, 2017), Neutered male, 8-month-old rescued farm pig needs a permanent home. Beautiful and friendly, he has been raised with dogs and a potbellied pig. His current guardian thinks he is small for his age.
Contact: Paige | Phone 607-379-3535 | Email: pmrumsey@icloud.com


Cold Spring: (Jan. 19, 2017), 3 sheep, 2 goats, and 1 potbellied pig need to be rehomed. They have been together for 10 years and their caregiver would prefer not to separate them, but is willing to do so for the right situation.
Contact: Heather |Phone: 845-661-3638 |Email: heathercanavan@yahoo.com

Fredonia: (Dec. 28, 2016), Two horses and a pig are in need of home. Charlie, the pig, is six years old, neutered, and has bad feet that need to be trimmed often. He is best friends with the black horse, who is 20 years old. The chestnut horse is 28, has wave mouth, and doesn’t like his hooves messed with. Their guardian is moving out of the country.
Contact: Nancy | Phone: 716-785-0618 | Email: nancyjo84@gmail.com



Plattsburgh: (Dec. 27, 2016), Betsy is a 1.5 year old female (not spayed) farm pig who weighs approximately 500 lbs. She is the type of pig who thrives with tons of attention and other animals to interact with. She was a stray but life circumstances force her guardian to look for a new forever home for this truly lovable piggy.
Contact: Tracy | Phone: 518-578-1655 | Email: stormy1563@yahoo.com 


Riverhead: (March 13, 2017), Two beautiful horses and five potbellied pigs must be rehomed. The thoroughbred gelding, “Glacier,” is 17 years old, and the mare, named Martha, is 12. Both are accustomed to daily handling. The pig family consists of a now-neutered male, female, and their three offspring. The pigs all live happily together and it would be ideal to keep them together if possible.
Contact: Kelly | Phone: 631-298-0075 x107 | Email: kelly@marthaclaravineyards.com

Rocky Point: (Jan. 3, 2017), Dolores and Annie are female potbellied pigs who are approximately 1.5 years old.  Their current guardian can no longer keep them and would like to place them locally unless the adopter has their own transportation. The current guardian will donate to help with expenses.
Contact: Rob | Phone: 516-680-5931 | Email: lowerpremiums@gmail.com 



Tyrone: (April 13, 2017), Patty Cake is an eight year old spayed potbellied pig in need of a new home because her current guardians are moving.  She is a house pig who is crate trained and housebroken. She must continue to be kept inside overnight at her new home.
Contact: Michelle |Phone: 607-207-2148 |Email: banach95@yahoo.com

Warsaw: (July 31, 2016), Ganon’s current guardians purchased him in 2012 and kept him inside their apartment for a couple of years until he grew until 150 lbs. The family then moved to a house where they built him a house and enclosure outside. The family would like him to be rehomed somewhere with other pigs, as they feel he is lonely. For a variety of reasons, the family has little time to spend with him now. Ganon is a good companion; he knows how to sit for food and loves the summer time.
Contact: Ronald | Phone: 585-322-5330 | Email: senarusa07@gmail.com

Warsaw Ganon pig RESIZED


Watertown: (Jan. 23, 2017), 2 friendly Guinea Hogs (1 female, 1 neutered male)  who live in a petting zoo must find immediate placement due to the zoo’s closure.
Contact: Sunnie | Phone 719-433-1959 | Email: sunnieaponcel@gmail.com

Watkins Glen: (August 24, 2016), Kennedi is approximately five months old and a spoiled sweetheart. Although she’s slightly skittish around new people, she warms up to people pretty easily. Kennedi mainly has been an indoor pig so she’s house-trained, but she also loves being outside playing in the grass and rooting. She knows how to sit, jump, and spin for treats. Kennedi especially loves belly rubs and foot massages. She also loves to cuddle with her people on the couch and in bed. She’s a huge love bug. Unfortunately, Kennedi’s guardians are moving and cannot take her with them so she needs a new home in which she can be spoiled.
Contact: Danielle | Phone: 607-769-2290 | Email: danielletionna@icloud.com

Watkins Kennedi 2 RESIZEDWatkins Kennedi RESIZED



rhode island

Providence: (Dec. 12, 2016),  A potbellied pig abandoned by her guardian in Rhode Island is in need of a new home. She is two years-old, and her name is Penelope.  According to her rescuers, who are having her spayed, “It looks like even prior to being abandoned she was not taken care of. Her hooves are overgrown, so she has problems with her back legs. Still she is a sweet girl who trusts humans and loves her belly rubs.”
Contact:  Denise | Phone: 401-207-2967 | Email: deniseforreal@gmail.com