Alabama, California, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania


Robertsdale: (July 12, 2017), Charles is a neutered male potbellied pig with black and white markings. Charles is a housebroken house pig who weighs approximately 80 lbs. He is a grumpy guy but loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. His guardian loves him but cannot keep him because she is moving.
Contact: Connie |Phone: (847) 828-0464 |Email: chrkeewomn@aol.com



Harbor City: (August 3, 2017), Romeo is a five-year-old male, neutered, potbellied pig. His family needs to relocate immediately, and they cannot take Romeo with them due to limited space and zoning issues. They are looking to find a safe and loving home for their dear pet pig.
Contact: Trixie | Phone: (310) 534-3994 | Email: trixiehowden@att.net

Los Angeles: (May 1, 2017) Pigsley is a one-year-old spayed female potbellied pig in need of a new home. She’s very sweet, friendly and house trained.  She eats pig pellets mixed with salad greens. She likes to sleep inside on sheets or blankets but likes to be outside as well.
Contact: Robert | Phone: 650-703-2490 | Email: rcsos@prodigy.net


Los Angeles County: (March 20, 2017), Two six month old potbellied pigs are unable to remain in their current home due to zoning restrictions and changes in their guardian’s circumstance. They are in immediate need of placement. Their guardian describes them as adorable and sweet.
Contact: Jordan | Phone: 310-980-3591 | Email: laarch26@gmail.com


Santa Paula: (August 29, 2017), Wilbur was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center. He was placed in a home, but his guardian is unable to continue caring for him due to health complications. Wilbur is approximately 4 months old and will be neutered before rehoming.
Contact: Kayla | Phone: (805) 794-6471 | Email: sherahc@aol.com


Plainfield: (March 22, 2017), Three Yorkshire piglets and one Yorkshire/potbellied cross are looking for permanent homes. They are currently being cared for by volunteers at A Critter’s Chance Rescue. All are spayed or neutered. The piglets, whose mother died while giving birth, are three months old, and the Yorkshire cross, who was saved from slaughter, is six months old. Transportation and vaccinations will be taken care of by the rescue.
Contact: Amanda | Email:  anosie@gmail.com


Detroit: (March 20, 2017), A three year old neutered male potbellied pig named Vernon must be rehomed due to changes in his guardian’s circumstances. Vernon is a sweet guy and loves attention.
Contact: Jim | Phone: 313-310-0708

New York

Bath: (August 29, 2017), 10-month-old neutered male potbelly is in immediate need of a forever home. He is a sweet boy, but should have more space and socialization.
Contact: Sherry | Phone: (607) 438-8799

Cold Spring: (Jan. 19, 2017), 3 sheep, 2 goats, and 1 potbellied pig need to be rehomed. They have been together for 10 years and their caregiver would prefer not to separate them, but is willing to do so for the right situation.
Contact: Heather |Phone: 845-661-3638 |Email: heathercanavan@yahoo.com

Hankins: (July 18, 2017), A male pig named Wilbur, about a year and a half old, sweet but not neutered, is looking for a loving forever home that will view him as a companion. His guardian is having health issues and is unable to continue caring for him.
Contact: Patty |Phone: (845) 887-4696

Hector: (Oct. 12, 2017), Spayed potbellied pig, a little under two years old, is in urgent need of permanent placement. Her guardian does not have photos of her, but describes her as “brown with black spots.” She’s friendly and follows her people around.
Contact: Edward | Phone: 607-546-6262

Port Jervis: (Sept. 25, 2017), Vivienne is a 7-year old spayed farm pig who is in need of a new home because her guardians are divorcing. She comes when called and is good with children.
Contact: Claudia | Phone: 917-968-1105 | Email: c.c.nicosia@gmail.com

Riverhead: (March 13, 2017), Two beautiful horses and five potbellied pigs must be rehomed. The thoroughbred gelding, “Glacier,” is 17 years old, and the mare, named Martha, is 12. Both are accustomed to daily handling. The pig family consists of a now-neutered male, female, and their three offspring. The pigs all live happily together and it would be ideal to keep them together if possible.
Contact: Kelly | Phone: 631-298-0075 x107 | Email: kelly@marthaclaravineyards.com

Rochester: (September 14, 2017), Lily, a twelve-week-old female unspayed female potbellied pig, is in need of a new home. She was given as a gift to a family that is unequipped to care for her.
Contact: Taylor | Phone: (585) 764-0688 | Email: taylorwalsh75@gmail.com

Rochester: (Oct. 12, 2017), Sweet, friendly, neutered potbellied pig requires more time than what his current guardians are able to give him. Chuck loves belly rubs and likes to stay close to people. This is a special guy who will make the right person’s family complete!
Contact: Mike | Phone: 585-330-1800 | Email: mike@turnko.com

Tyrone: (April 13, 2017), Patty Cake is an eight year old spayed potbellied pig in need of a new home because her current guardians are moving.  She is a house pig who is crate trained and housebroken. She must continue to be kept inside overnight at her new home.
Contact: Michelle |Phone: 607-207-2148 |Email: banach95@yahoo.com


Airville: (August 11, 2017), Three-and-a-half-year-old neutered farm pig is looking for the perfect home. Hatter is dearly loved where he is but would benefit from being around other pigs. He loves belly rubs, red Gatorade, and human interaction. He is a former 4-H pig whose guardians couldn’t bear to send him to auction.
Contact: Katrina | Phone: 717-862-3521| Email: k.bartoli@yahoo.com