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Irvine: (June 10, 2016), Eight ducklings who were three days old as of the date of listing are in need of a home. They were hatched as part of a hatching project and local zoning laws do not permit them to live within the city.
Contact: Lily | Phone: 714-743-9080 | Email:

La Puente: (Dec. 12, 2016), This handsome Muscovy duck appeared as a stray in early November 2015.  His current caretakers initially were able to house him in a chicken coop, which was the perfect size for him. They unfortunately cannot keep him any longer and need to find a home for him by the end of December.
Contact: Elizabeth | Phone: 626-506-0451 | Email:


Placentia: (Sept. 9, 2016), Izzy (on the right) is a male Pekin duck in need of a new home because his mate passed away.
Contact: Natalie | Email:


Sacramento: (Ongoing), Judy has secured permission to help rehome a number of the domestic ducks and geese who have been dumped at a pond in Sacramento. There are approximately 60 animals in total who are in need of placement, and many can be paired in groups of two or up to five. There are many different breeds of both the ducks and the geese. If you can help in any way please contact Judy.  The photos included are ducks currently available for adoption.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 916-446-1007| Email:

Sac Duckling 8-13 RESIZEDSac Ducks 8-13 RESIZED


Tavares: (March 12, 2016), Two eight-month old Rouen ducks are in need of a new home because their current guardian injured herself and is no longer able to care for them. They have been hand raised since they were four days old. They spend daytime outdoors and are diapered and indoors in the evening. They are very sweet and friendly.
Contact: Ceil | Phone: 352-343-6647 | Email:

Florida Rouen ducks


Las Vegas: (Nov. 6, 2016), Two male Buff ducks who are seven months old are in need of new, safe loving home.
Contact: Rhonda | Phone: 323-691-1651 | Email:

new york

Wilseyville: (Oct. 27, 2016), Four male Khaki Campbell ducks are in need of a new home.
Contact: Nicole | Phone: 607-227-6743 | Email:    

North Carolina

Indian Trail: (Ongoing) Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is seeking homes for domestic geese and ducks. Adoption requirements include references and either photos or a home visit. Animals must be picked up at the shelter. For more information, please visit or contact the shelter.
Contact: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue | Phone: 704-668-9486 | E-mail: