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Ducks and Geese

California, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio


Lake Forest: (March 16, 2017), Many community geese and ducks are in need of immediate placement in loving homes. Twelve Embden geese should be placed together. There are also two Pekin ducks, and three Indian Runner ducks. They are all friendly and accustomed to contact.
Contact: Drew | Phone: 424-456-4591| Email:


Rancho Cordova: (September 14, 2017), A male and female bonded pair of Chinese Swan geese, Oscar and Greta, a male and female pair of black and white Runner ducks, and a male Cayuga duck are in need of a new home. The male Runner duck has limited vision in one eye due to an old injury.
Contact: Karin | Phone: (818) 455-9712 | Email:

Sacramento: (Ongoing), Judy has secured permission to help rehome a number of the domestic ducks and geese who have been dumped at a pond in Sacramento. There are approximately 60 animals in total who are in need of placement, and many can be paired in groups of two or up to five. There are many different breeds of both the ducks and the geese. If you can help in any way please contact Judy.  The photos included are ducks currently available for adoption.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 916-446-1007| Email:

Sac Duckling 8-13 RESIZEDSac Ducks 8-13 RESIZED



Roxborough: (Sept. 26, 2017), Peanut Butter and Jelly are brother and sister Indian Runner ducks. They love climbing all over you if you’re sitting down and have meal worms. They like to play tag too, if they’re the ones tagging you! Their favorite vegetables are grapes and broccoli. After playing in the pool they rest under our silver maple atop the strawberry leaves and take a nap. They love watching for airplanes, as they stop dead in their tracks and look up the second they hear one passing by. We have two bunnies, a shepherd dog and a cat they are friends with so they are fine around other animals once they get to know them, although they do find it fun to run up at nip at a tail then turn and run pretending it wasn’t them. Jelly loves chasing and catching bees, flies, grasshoppers or anything that flies close to her face. Peanut Butter follows his sister’s lead all day, wherever she goes he is right on her heels.
Contact: Kristin | Phone: 303-518-5019 | Email:



Baton Rouge: (July 12, 2017), Chewy is a six month old special needs Pekin duck who is in need of a special home because he cannot walk. He loves to bathe and snuggle and is training to move around in a walker.
Contact: Bonnie |Phone: (541) 778-8436 |Email:


Plainfield: (June 18, 2017), Three four-year-old bonded Toulouse geese – one male and two female – are in need of a new home.  These geese are friendly and seek people out for companionship.  The geese have lived for the last four years at a wild bird rehabilitation center.  Although the geese are healthy and happy, the wildlife center would like to find them a good home so the center can increase the number of wild baby birds that they are able to help.
Contact: Barbara |Phone: (413) 634-0099  |Email:

North Carolina

Indian Trail: (Ongoing) Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is seeking homes for domestic geese and ducks. Adoption requirements include references and either photos or a home visit. Animals must be picked up at the shelter. For more information, please visit or contact the shelter.
Contact: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue | Phone: 704-668-9486 | E-mail:


Seven Hills: (August 8, 2017), Four Jumbo Pekin ducklings who are two weeks old are in need of a home.
Contact: Samantha | Phone: (440) 334-8273 | Email: