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California, Maryland, New York


Acton: (Oct. 18, 2016), A family of three Nubian goats is in need of a new home. The mother goat was originally rescued from the Ventura County shelter four years ago. She was very underweight and malnourished. After feeding her well and getting her weight up, much to her guardian’s surprise, two months later, she kidded two boy goats! The boys were both wethered when they were little. They are all very friendly, come right to people, and love to be fed salty Costco peanuts. Their family is preparing to move out of state and looking for a new home for them.
Contact: Debbie | Phone: 661-269-5836 | Email: sdh6339@hotmail.com 



Acton: (March 14, 2017), An unneutered male goat must be rehomed. He is a good boy, but has a strong personality, and due to space constraints is not able to enjoy the quality of life that he deserves. His current guardian is considering having him neutered with the hope that this will help him to find a loving, permanent home.
Contact: Sherrie | Phone: 323-336-5765

Antelope Valley: (May 10, 2017), After losing his best friend, a five-year-old neutered male goat is in need of a new home where he will have the companionship of other goats. He is skittish at first, but once he warms up he is a very sweet boy!
Contact: Isabella | Phone: 661-992-4390| Email: incredibelle1@yahoo.com


Devore: (Feb. 8, 2017), Two goats are in need of a new home together. Lucy is a  seven year old Pygmy female, and Linus is a six year old neutered male. They adore attention, are friendly with children, and love going for walks on a leash. Linus has some breathing issues and needs to be monitored on hot days or on long walks. Lucy isn’t fond of cats or small dogs.
Contact: Kym or Sharon | Phone: 909-528-1971 (evenings) or 909-214-5794 (days) | Email: kym@unixplanet.net

Lucerne Valley: (May 26, 2017), Former FFA animals who were saved from slaughter are now in need of a forever home. Lovesto and Lamb Borghini are best friends, and love cuddling with each other. Because of their close bond, they should be placed in the same home.
Contact: Monika |Phone: 669 600 9459  |Email: momonroymx@yahoo.com.mx






Trona: (May 1, 2017) Approximately 60 goats are in urgent need of placement, since the property on which they’re kept isn’t zoned for goats.
Contact: Sharon | Phone: 760-264-3560 | Email: sharonlynnparks@gmail.com


Derwood: (March 27, 2017), Twelve adult female goats and eight kids were rescued by Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center after escaping transport for slaughter. After nearly a month on the run, the goats were captured and are now looking for good homes. Most of the goats were pregnant when they arrived and gave birth after being rescued. The adult goats are believed to be 1-3 years old and are medium/large goats. Most of them were very shy at capture but are warming up with proper handling. Ten of the adults did test positive for a disease unfortunately common in goats, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), so they should not be housed with other goats. Information regarding CL can be found on Farm Sanctuary’s Goat care information sheet:
Contact: Kalina | Phone: 240-773-5643 | Email: shari.kalina@montgomerycountymd.gov

new york

Cold Spring: (Jan. 19, 2017), 3 sheep, 2 goats, and 1 potbellied pig need to be rehomed. They have been together for 10 years and their caregiver would prefer not to separate them, but is willing to do so for the right situation.
Contact: Heather |Phone: 845-661-3638 |Email: heathercanavan@yahoo.com

Johnstown: (May 10, 2017), Nine goats in need of placement. They are able to be adopted out in pairs if necessary. Some of the males are intact and will need to be neutered. They are sweet goats and have been lovingly cared for, but their guardian is unable to continue their care. Please contact for further details.
Contact: Kathy Lee | Phone:518-706-0821 | Email:  element-prime@hotmail.com

Westchester: (Jan. 9, 2017), Two sweet, friendly neutered Nigerian dwarf goats who do not have horns need to be rehomed. They are de-horned and neutered.
Contact: Lucille | Phone (Text): 914-406-3137 | Email: lord.lucille@outlook.com