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Acton: (Oct. 18, 2016), A family of three Nubian goats is in need of a new home. The mother goat was originally rescued from the Ventura County shelter four years ago. She was very underweight and malnourished. After feeding her well and getting her weight up, much to her guardian’s surprise, two months later, she kidded two boy goats! The boys were both wethered when they were little. They are all very friendly, come right to people, and love to be fed salty Costco peanuts. Their family is preparing to move out of state and looking for a new home for them.
Contact: Debbie | Phone: 661-269-5836 | Email: sdh6339@hotmail.com 


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Savona: (August 26, 2016), Three goats named Betty, Boop and Buddy are in need of a new home because their guardians are moving and cannot take them with them. Buddy is a wether, and the other two are female. Betty and Boop are very friendly, but Buddy is a little shy. Their guardian can assist with transport potentially.
Contact: 315-369-5555

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Westchester: (Jan. 9, 2017), Two sweet, friendly neutered Nigerian dwarf goats who do not have horns need to be rehomed. They are de-horned and neutered.
Contact: Lucille| Phone(Text): 914-406-3137 |Email: lord.lucille@outlook.com