Lucas: Loving Pig Finds New Home at the California Shelter

Lucas started life in 2006 at the petting zoo of a summer day camp in Los Angeles, but even though this sweet pig got lots of attention from adoring kids, he was suffering from severe neglect. His camp “caretakers” thought Lucas was just fine living in a roofless, fenced-in, cement-floored enclosure with a worn-out garden hose as a bed. The poor little pig was not even given adequate food and water, and suffered from skin-cracking sunburn and mange.

Lucas Farm Animal RescueTo make matters worse, the clock on Lucas’ life was also ticking quickly down, as he was on “lease” to the camp from a company that planned to slaughter him for pork when the season ended. But a kind woman who had met and bonded with Lucas on her nature walks around the camp was unable to bear the horrific thought of her friend dying in a slaughterhouse, so she set out to save him. After approaching camp officials about Lucas’ situation, the pig’s determined rescuer managed to negotiate his release from the company just 48 hours before he was scheduled to be trucked away.

Through diligent effort, Lucas’ savior managed to find a home for him at a ranch-shelter in southern California, where he spent three years roaming their wide-open pastures, interacting with children, and spending lazy days with his best friends, a pair of dogs. But when the ranch faced foreclosure, Lucas needed another home.

A natural fit for Farm Sanctuary, Lucas arrived at our California Shelter in mid-April, and is gradually getting to know the other porcine residents through a fence bordering the main part of the pig pasture. Shelter director Leanne Cronquist marvels at Lucas’ “Zen-like” calm in his interactions, and feels that he will be happy when he becomes part of the 11-member herd, even though he’s not used to being around other pigs. “Lucas is a very people-oriented pig right now,” Cronquist reports. “Once he spends some time among his own kind, his pig qualities will probably percolate up, but he’ll still retain his endearing friendliness towards humans.”

The generous contributions from our supporters is what fuels Farm Sanctuary’s ability to provide pigs like Lucas and other needy animals with permanent refuge from the exploitation faced by billions of their brothers and sisters. You can help us provide Lucas with the ongoing care he needs by becoming his sponsor. To learn more about sponsoring Lucas and other animals at Farm Sanctuary, visit our Adopt-A-Farm-Animal Project website, or call 607-583-2225 ext. 225.

Lucas Farm Animal RescueLucas Farm Animal Rescue