Kim Gordon: Rockstar Piglet Makes Some Noise at New York Shelter

After touring with her boyfriend’s band, Lanore Hahn was anticipating a relatively uneventful return journey back to her house in Wisconsin when fate intervened in the form of a tiny piglet now named Kim Gordon. Lanore and her boyfriend were driving down a backcountry road in Mitchell, South Dakota when they spotted Kim running around in the middle of the street all by her lonesome. With no farms or other people nearby, Lanore stopped the car and with a little determination, managed to catch the little pig and place her in the vehicle.

Kim Gordon Farm Animal RescueWhile the exhausted baby animal slept, the compassionate couple embarked on a mission to uncover her origins. After checking with several local farms, they called animal control authorities who deployed an officer to meet up with them. The officer confirmed that there were no pig farms for miles and surmised that, given the piglet’s severe sunburn and painful road rash, she likely fell off the back of a transport truck. He then informed Lanore that should she hand Kim over to animal control, the 6-week-old baby would be shot and killed. After hearing those words, Lanore knew that she had no other choice: Kim was coming home with her.

Once back in Wisconsin, Kim began to vastly improve with assistance from her rescuers. The couple meticulously took care of the 12-pound little girl – gradually introducing her to solid foods (including squash and baby corn fresh from the garden), massaging her wounds with antiseptic lotion, and giving her plenty of much-needed T.L.C. Though Lanore and her boyfriend fell in love with the little pig, they knew they could not offer the one thing Kim so desperately needed: a permanent home. That’s when Farm Sanctuary stepped up and offered to take Kim in.

In late July, the tiny piglet arrived at our New York Shelter. With her plucky personality and seemingly endless quantity of energy, the vivacious piglet instantly won the hearts of staff and visitors alike. Shelter staff immediately began her on treatments for internal parasites, of which she had many, as well as her skin conditions. She was also given medicine for pneumonia. Thankfully, Kim is now on the mend – gaining weight and growing bigger each and every day!

Falling off the transport truck in South Dakota was unexpectedly but undoubtedly the luckiest thing to ever happen to Kim Gordon. Because of that accident, she has found her way to a new life at Farm Sanctuary, where she will be seen as the sentient individual that she is rather than a mere production unit of the pork industry. But while Kim is out of harm’s way, she is still in great need of loving “adoptive parents” to offer their support and see that she becomes a happy, healthy adult. This little sweetie has so much love to give and is depending on us to be there for her as she grows. Will you help us give this tiny baby the life she deserves, and help protect and defend all farm animals from cruelty, by sponsoring her care?

Kim Gordon Farm Animal RescueKim Gordon Farm Animal Rescue