Vito and Clancy: Runaways Steer Their Way Toward New York Shelter

Finding deer grazing in your fields is one thing, but farmers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, were no doubt surprised to see two Holsteins running loose down the roads and rows. On the lam for at least two weeks, these year-old calves courageously survived hunger, thirst and freezing temperatures. Finally, they ended up in Drumore, Pa., where a farmer used grain to coax them into his barn and away from traffic.

Vito and Clancy Farm Animal RescueOfficers at the state’s Large Animal Protection Society offered the refugee steers temporary respite before they were transported safely to Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter, where our caregivers fed them and gave them a full check-up. All that running had left them malnourished and exhausted, and they were afflicted by lice and mites, but they were otherwise in good health.

Now adjusting to their new lives at Farm Sanctuary, Vito and Clancy are good-natured and have been friendly to the other animals they’ve met. That they are still a bit skittish around humans is understandable, considering the weeks they spent alone presumably fleeing an early death. As they learn to trust people again, all contact is on their terms: though they’re shy about being approached, they’ll walk right up to you and greet you with gentle licks.

This loveable pair will continue to receive rehabilitative care at the New York Shelter until they are strong enough to be placed in a permanent home. With all of their needs met, and the threat of slaughter no longer a possibility, Vito and Clancy don’t have anything to run from anymore.

Had we not been able to offer them sanctuary, Vito and Clancy may have faced slaughter even after their brave escape. Farm Sanctuary was able to come to the rescue thanks to member contributions to the Emergency Rescue Fund, which enables us to respond immediately to calls about farm animals in urgent need. You can support this life-saving work, and help protect all farm animals from cruelty, by making a donation today.

Vito and Clancy Farm Animal RescueVito and Clancy Farm Animal Rescue