2012 Rescues

Juno and Diana: Hens for Sale on the Street Faced Slaughter
Polly and Dolly
: Inseparable Sheep Have Each Other, And Now The Good Life, Too
Little Peep
: Children Tossed Chick Around Like a Ball
: Escape-Artist Donkey Retires to Farm Sanctuary
: Turkey’s Charm Saves Him – Twice
Bianca: Hen’s Story Reveals the Sad Truth About Backyard Flocks 
: Wounded Hen Saved From Brutal Death
: Member Rescues Turkey From Dinner Table
: Goat Bounces Back from Near-Fatal Neglect
Nate: Goat Charges into New Life
: Brutalized Pregnant Pig Gives Birth Hours After Rescue
Zeke and Jed: Piglets Rough It In the Woods
Little Jerry: Mets Mascot Slides Home to Farm Sanctuary
“Free Range” Egg-Laying Hens Get a Rare Second Chance
Belina: Hen Rescued from Abandoned, Trash-Filled Car
Paulina and Friends
: Hens Rescued from Cockfighting Ring
Norman: Rescued from Neglect, Calf Heads to New Home
: Injured, Neglected Goat Gets a New Home, and Soon a New Knee
Nester: Piglet’s Injury Saves Him from Slaughter
Cattaraugus Rescue: 60 Animals Saved from Cruelty
Thunder: Steer Finds Friendship at Farm Sanctuary
Turlock Hens Emergency Rescue
Scribbles: No More Horseplay for Baby Goat
Elliott: Goat Escapes Brooklyn Live Market, Gains Sanctuary