Featured Past Rescues

49 Baby Chicks: Dyed Peeps Come Home to Roost at Farm Sanctuary
Ady, Colvin, and Wendy
: Family of Sheep Finds Safe Refuge at California Shelter
Angelo: Lamb Born in Slaughterhouse-Bound Truck Delivered to Safety
Allene, Dorothy, and Cathy: Nightmare Over for Goats Rescued in New York Cruelty Case
Amberson Egg Farm Rescue: Hens Rescued from Horrific Conditions at Battery Cage Egg Farm When One Farmer Reports Another for Cruelty
Andre and Albert: Two of 20 Chickens Rescued from School “Slaughter Project”
Annie and Friends: Thirteen Slaughterhouse Survivors Get Second Chance at Life
Annie Dodge: Bovine Escape Artist Finds Shelter at Farm Sanctuary
Bronwyn: One of 30 Sheep Rescued From Starvation
Buckeye Egg Farm Rescue: More Than 5,000 Hens Rescued When Tornado Destroys Intensive Confinement Egg Production Facilities
Cattaraugus County, NY Cruelty Case: More than 100 Pigs Rescued, Many Found Frozen to the Ground Alive
Chicky: Turkey Chicks Rescued from Factory Farm Hatchery
Cinci Freedom: Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse and Prompts Public Outcry to Save Her
Claire: Injured Duck Gets Helping Hand at the California Shelter
Coco: Severely Neglected Goat Recovers at the California Shelter
Cody Day: 22 Sheep and Goats Rescued from Horrific Neglect in Wisconsin
Dino: Goat Rescued from Malnourishment So Severe It Left Him Deformed
Faye and Friends: Survivors of Airline Cargo Disaster Find Refuge
Faith: Young Girls’ Love for Cow Saves Animal’s Life
Fiona: Spring Brings Second Chance for Piglet at the New York Shelter
Hilda: The First Animal Rescued by Farm Sanctuary
Hurricane Katrina Rescue : 725 Chickens Saved from a Farm Ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in Rural Mississippi
Jack: Newborn Goat Left for Dead at Stockyard Recovers at New York Shelter
Joey: Brooklyn Goat Escapes Slaughter
Joan van Ark and Friends: University Pigs Graduate to Greener Pastures

Kari and Maggie: 40 Pigs Rescued from Slaughterbound Truck Safe at Farm Sanctuary
Karina and Bette Davis: More than 100 Birds from New York City Find Refuge in the Country
Kohl, Harper, and Burton: Foie Gras Ducks
Linda: Cow Crippled at Birth Finds Peace at Farm Sanctuary
Lucas: Loving Pig Finds New Home at the California Shelter
Marino: Two Major Cases of Farm Animal Cruelty, Involving More than 130 Young Turkeys and Chickens
Mario: Calf Rescued from a Dairy Farm Dead Pile by Rendering Truck Driver
Maxine: Daring Dash Around Queens Lands Renegade Cow at New York Shelter
Midwest Flood Pig Rescue: Ambitious Operation Saves 69 Pigs
Prattsburgh Neglect Case: New York Animal Abuser Charged with Animal Cruelty
Punky: A Pennsylvania Farmer’s Compassionate Decision Brings Nine Sheep to Live at Farm Sanctuary
Queenie: Daring NYC Cow Makes a Dash for Freedom
Red Barn Farm Rescue: Anatomy of a Cruelty Case.
Samantha: One of 10 Lambs Struggling for a Second Chance.
San Diego Cruelty Case: Diseased and Dying Calves, Goats, and Steer are Rescued
Santa Cruz Island Sheep Rescue (Bradley & Juanita): 200 Sheep Rescued from National Park Service and Nature Conservancy Plans for Cruel Aerial Slaughter
Sprout: 26 Cows and Calves Saved from Starvation and Neglect in Pennsylvania
Wendy: Wayward Chicken Lands at the California Shelter
Wheatberry: One of 209 Layer Hens Rescued in Time for New Year
Zoop: Goat Found Walking on Her Knees on a Street in Denville, New Jersey