Lucky Lady: Sheep Rolls Dice and Wins

Dice and hooves don’t mix, but that’s no big shakes for Lucky Lady.

rescued sheepLucky Lady didn’t earn her name from good fortune at a craps table. Instead, she came by the moniker the hard way. She cheated death in early June 2007, escaping from an auction house and roaming the streets of the South Bronx for hours.

The 65-pound lamb was eventually collared by New York City police, but not before the story of her daring dash around the city was covered by what seemed like every news station in the area. The officers put Lucky Lady in the back of their cruiser and took her for a ride downtown — but she wasn’t headed to the slammer.

rescued farm animal at our farm animal sanctuaryLike any other stray animal, police deposited Lucky Lady at Animal Care & Control of New York City. She cooled her heels at the shelter for a few days while staff worked to make arrangements for her permanent care. They contacted Farm Sanctuary, and we agreed to take in the months-old lamb.

Lucky Lady’s first stop was the Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. All incoming animals hang out in the center prior to being introduced to other shelter residents. During these first few days, they receive a full checkup at Cornell University Hospital for Animals. If they are in good health, the process of integrating them into our main herds can begin.

rescued farm animal at our farm animal sanctuaryLucky Lady arrived with a low-grade fever and had to stay at Cornell to recuperate. She underwent routine blood work and cultures to determine what had been ailing her so that we could provide her with the best of care.

Now that she has fully recovered, Lucky Lady will spend the rest of her days at Farm Sanctuary. The gamble she took by fleeing the slaughterhouse has paid off in a spacious pasture, a warm barn, and the company of friends. Here, she’ll always be a high roller and enjoy a life filled with far more lucky sevens than snake eyes.

rescued farm animal at our farm animal sanctuary