In the dairy industry, cows are worth as much as the milk that they produce. Before we rescued Princess, she had spent her life continuously impregnated as a dairy cow, birthing calves she never nursed. Her daughters became breeding cows just like her; her sons went to auction since males can’t produce milk. Princess nearly followed in their footsteps: Once cows age out of production, most typically are sent to slaughter. Thankfully, Princess had allies at the dairy where she lived.

We were able to rescue her just before she was sent to slaughter.

Now safe at Farm Sanctuary, she’ll get the royal treatment she deserves, for life. Today she’s enjoying her happily ever after, nuzzling lush pastures and cozying up in fresh hay. There are still millions left in the U.S., however—dairy cows who will be slaughtered at three or four years old, just a fraction of their intended twenty-five-year lifespan. We’re determined to not forget the other 9.4 million. And we’re asking for your help.

Now until August 31 Treeline Treenut Cheese is matching all your donations up to $10,000.

Since 2016, we’ve been annually partnering with Treeline Treenut Cheese to raise funds for cows like Princess. The vegan company is based in Upstate New York like we are, and they’re just as passionate about divesting from dairy.

Each year, we’ve been featuring a cow or bonded pair as honorary members of our Adopt a Farm Animal Program — and Treeline generously matches all these sponsorships up to $10,000. With your help, we can raise $20,000 to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome, and care for even more dairy cows. This year Princess is the face of our campaign. Join us in celebrating her new life at Farm Sanctuary, and the difference we can make by working together.

For a one-time donation of $50, you can symbolically adopt Princess for yourself or a loved one for the duration of this campaign — supporting our rescue, education, and advocacy work on behalf of farm animals and their families. To symbolically adopt Princess for one full year, click here.

At Farm Sanctuary each animal’s life is priceless — and you are a vital part of making this possible. You can help these individuals by sponsoring Princess, and by choosing compassionate alternatives to dairy products. With so many dairy-free options available, it’s easy to enjoy your favorite flavors without causing harm to farm animals! Through support from caring people like you, we can match farm animals with the lives they deserve.

Sponsor Princess today and Treeline will double your impact on her behalf. Together, we can provide the individualized care our rescued residents need, while working to protect more just like them.