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Josie-Mae Goat at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter

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Rescue Date

June 3, 2016




Josie-Mae was born on a goat dairy. Following a traumatic injury to her legs, her “owner” let Josie-Mae and her mom, Willow, come to Farm Sanctuary.

Josie-Mae is a little “kid” with a lot of heart—and she inspires us each day with her tenacity in pursuing the quality of life she knows she deserves!

This plucky girl was born on a goat dairy, which planned to sell her mother’s milk for human consumption. Sadly, this means that babies are deprived of the nutrients that are so vital for their own development. Josie-Mae might have been sent to slaughter for goat meat, or raised to breed more goats just like her mother, Willow. However, an accident altered the course of Josie-Mae and Willow’s lives forever—and instead of a life of heartbreak and neglect, they are now receiving the care and love they need to thrive. One day, Josie-Mae suffered a trauma that sadly cut off the circulation to both of her front feet. Unfortunately, her wounds were not attended to in time, and a portion of her right leg fell off. She also had some bone and tissue changes to her front left foot. Josie-Mae’s owner could not afford the treatment she required, but she agreed to relinquish custody of this sweet girl and her mother. When they arrived at our New York Shelter, Josie-Mae began extensive treatment and therapy to help her walk. This happy girl has healed nicely, and now wears a prosthetic to help her get around. Here, Josie-Mae will always be regarded as someone, not something—and with her mom and new friends by her side, she is unstoppable!


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Josie-Mae and Willow Goats at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter