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Safran Steer at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter

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Rescue Date

August 27, 2013




Safran was born at an industrial dairy farm, and would have been sold into veal production because male calves cannot produce milk.

Safran was born into the dairy industry.

Cows used in industrial dairy production are subject to a constant cycle of impregnation and birth until their bodies are completely exhausted. At four or five years old, they are then slaughtered for cheap beef. In California’s dairy producing regions, the calves born in these operations are often immediately torn from their mothers and transported to calf ranches, where they are kept confined in wooden crates. The female calves are raised to replace their mothers in production, and the males are raised to be slaughtered for cheap beef or veal. This is a terrifying ordeal for any calf. Safran was slated to be sent to a calf ranch the day after he was born. Fortunately, he was rescued from that miserable fate, and we gladly welcomed him to our Southern California Shelter. Safran arrived hungry and weak, requiring tube feedings and around-the-clock monitoring. Our live-in caregiver even slept in his stall at night to feed Safran every two hours. This sweet calf bonded closely with shelter staff, and he began to thrive with their support. Now, charismatic Safran is a shelter favorite. Playful and energetic, Safran loves his life here, where he spends his days enjoying a good romp with caregivers and showing off his charming personality for shelter guests.


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Safran steer and Carlee sheep