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Junip Sydney

Junip Sydney at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter

Adopt a Farm Animal

Junip Sydney


Junip Sydney

Rescue Date

February 15, 2017


Duroc/Berkshire/Gloucester Old Spot Cross


Junip Sydney was born at a petting zoo, and was so small she almost didn’t make it. Her foster family saved her life, and then asked the zoo owners to relinquish her to Sanctuary.

Junip Sydney was born at a petting zoo—a place that many people associate with fun family outings and delightful interactions with baby animals.

The unfortunate reality, though, is that farm animals do not typically receive the same level of enjoyment in return; within mere weeks or months, they are often separated from their families and either slaughtered for food or bred to produce more babies to repeat the cycle. The runt of her litter, Junip Sydney was failing to thrive—in many cases, a signal of imminent death, as the animals’ “owners” do not deem it worthwhile to invest in their care. Instead, this petting zoo asked members of the community to foster Junip Sydney. They were asked to bring her back to the petting zoo in six weeks’ time; if she was well enough, she would be moved to the farm from which her mother had been leased, either to be raised for meat or to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a breeding sow. Thankfully, this was not to be—Junip Sydney’s foster moms fell in love with this incredible individual, and reached out to Farm Sanctuary to ask if we could give her a chance at the life they knew she deserved. Most farm animals are valued for what humans believe they can give us—food, clothing, or the enjoyment of a momentary meeting at a petting zoo, for example—but for the rest of her life, this sweet pig will be valued for the unique and wonderful individual she is.


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Von D and Junip Sydney pigs at Farm Sanctuary