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Von D

Von D Pig at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter

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Von D


Von D

Rescue Date

February 18, 2017




Von D’s rescuers saved her from a backyard butcher. When she began to outgrow their home, they contacted Farm Sanctuary.

Choosing compassion is always in fashion—and like Kat Von D, the outspoken animal advocate for whom she’s named, Von D piglet helps us see how beautiful our lives can be when we put compassion first!

Sadly, piglets like her are typically valued only as products, rather than seen as the individuals they are. Von D’s story began this way; born at an illegal backyard butcher operation, she would have been slaughtered for meat by the time she was just 6 months old, before her life could truly begin. Thankfully, this was not to be. One day, the “farmer’s” nephew and his wife visited—and after meeting little Von D, the woman could not bear to let her be killed. The farmer relinquished Von D to their care, and for the first time, this sweet piglet was valued as someone, not something. At first, the couple raised her in their home, doing their best to care for her but lacking the skills, facilities, and resources to properly care for this growing girl. Adding to their difficulties, neighbors in their suburban area had complained to animal control about the situation, and Von D’s rescuers were told that they needed to find a new home for their piglet friend. Fortunately, Farm Sanctuary was notified, and the rest is history! These days, Von D is getting the star treatment at our Southern California Shelter, where she enjoys wallowing in mud puddles, soaking up the sun, and spending time with her best piglet pal Junip Sydney! For Von D, Farm Sanctuary life is fabulous—and as a farm animal ambassador, her journey is inspiring compassionate change for others just like her.


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Von D as a piglet at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter