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Willie Goose at Farm Sanctuary

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Rescue Date

May 9, 2015




We rescued Willie and his best friend, Reba, from a hoarding situation.

Willie, along with his best friend Reba, was rescued from a hoarding situation.

Due to the dearth of strong legal protections for farm animals, it is all too easy for hoarders to get their hands on animals like Willie — and all too difficult to confiscate these animals and prevent perpetrators from buying more. Luckily, we succeeded in gaining custody of Willie and Reba. A concerned friend legally removed them from this dangerous situation and brought them to safety at our New York Shelter. The two are very bonded and protective of each other, and even after meeting the other birds in our waterfowl flock, they still spend lots of time alone together. They especially love paddling together in the pond. Life started off rough for these lovebirds, but now it’s going just swimmingly.


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Willie and Reba Geese at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter