When it comes to love, sometimes opposites really do attract.

At first glance, Yoda and Felicity don’t seem to have much in common. To state the obvious—Yoda is a tall llama and Felicity is a tiny sheep. When it comes to personality, they couldn’t be further apart: Yoda is outgoing and charismatic, while Felicity is shy and reserved.

But trauma survivor Felicity and her loyal ally Yoda are better together, and hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

Felicity was among thirteen sheep, a goat, and a calf rescued from a backyard butcher in Southern California in early 2013. Most of the sheep were elderly, emaciated, terrified, and suffering from a variety of ailments. When they came in, all of the other sheep were closely bonded with one another. Felicity, however, was a loner, and the outcast of the group.

When Felicity met Yoda, everything changed. This odd couple loves to spend time together, relishing all of the joys of life — walking along the hillside, grazing, napping, and inspecting the property. Felicity enjoys the added bonus of being able to hide under her long-legged friend — an especially appreciated benefit for this anxious girl.

Yoda and Felicity’s special bond reminds us that love comes in all shapes, sizes … and species!

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