Victory! The custody battle is over; Lorelai, Rory, Paris, and Lane sheep and Luke donkey are a permanent part of the Farm Sanctuary family!

Lorelai, before and after

The five were rescued earlier this year from a cruelty case in upstate New York where they were found sick, emaciated, and terrified.

Rory, before and after

While cleared to take these animals home temporarily, we had to fight for legal custody and the ability to protect them from further abuse and neglect.

Lane, before and after

Yesterday, we arrived at the courthouse armed with these before-and-after photos.

Paris, before and after

When the defendant saw these animals’ transformations, he shook his head and admitted his guilt in their mistreatment.

Luke, before and after

We’re breathing a big sigh of relief for our newest residents, who will only know the peace and safety of sanctuary from here on out.