2011 Featured Press Releases

2011 Featured Press Releases


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11/23/11 – Farm Sanctuary’s “Turkey Whisperer” Shares 10 Fascinating Facts about Turkeys

11/18/11 – Turkeys are Honored Guests at Unique Thanksgiving Celebration

11/11/11 – Humorous Home Video of Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone “Talking Turkey” Quickly Becoming Internet Sensation

10/31/11 – Two Boston Businessmen Get Tough When it Comes to Turkeys

10/19/11 – Ellen DeGeneres Wants You to Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving

10/06/11 – As Food Debate Heats Up, Landmark Collaboration Seeks Solutions

09/14/11 – Farm Sanctuary Adds Animal Acres’ Southern California Shelter to Its National Program

08/25/11 – Emily Deschanel Urges Compassion for Farm Animals

08/11/11 – NASCAR Driver Andy Lally and TRG Driver Spencer Pumpelly Take the Field at Farm Sanctuary

08/03/11 – Two Memorable Oprah Show Guests to Speak at Farm Sanctuary’s Country Hoe Down

08/03/11 – Group to Paddle Circumference of Lake Tahoe Standing Up to Benefit Abused Farm Animals

07/28/11 – 2011 Walk for Farm Animals Aims to Raise $1 Million for Abused and Neglected Farm Animals

07/27/11 – Farm Sanctuary’s Twilight Tour Offers Unforgettable Night of Compassion

07/08/11 – Neglected Dairy Calves Find Haven at California Sanctuaries

07/07/11 – Washingtonians for Humane Farms Applauds Agreement to Pass Federal Law on Laying Hen Welfare, Suspends 2011 Ballot Drive

07/07/11 – Oregonians for Humane Farms Applauds Agreement to Pass Federal Law on Laying Hen Welfare

07/07/11 – Animal Welfare Groups Win Industry Backing for First-Ever Federal Regulation of Hen Welfare

07/06/11 – Farm Sanctuary’s Candle Cafe™ Frozen Meals Melds Compassion, Convenience

06/28/11 – Farm Sanctuary’s Fourth of July Pignic Celebrates the True Spirit of America

06/23/11 – Oregonians for Humane Farms Submits More Than 1,800 Signatures for Ballot Measure to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Improve Food Safety

06/03/11 – Vegan Race Car Driver Spencer Pumpelly Visits Farm Sanctuary

06/02/11 – Farm Sanctuary’s California Country Hoe Down Celebrates Farm Animals, Progress

05/17/11 – Cross-Country Tour to Explore America’s Vegan Food Movement

05/11/11 – Agribusiness-Backed Bill to Keep Hens in Cages Signed into Law

05/05/11 – Lancaster’s Legendary Stockyard Inn Steakhouse to Go Vegan for One Night

04/27/11 – Jason Schwartzman Voices New Film Exploring the Environmental Impacts of Our Food Choices

03/29/11 – Vegan Movement Gains Mainstream Momentum on The Martha Stewart Show‘s “Vegan Show”

03/21/11 – Farm Sanctuary Celebrates 25 Years of Progress for Farm Animals

03/11/11 – Farm Sanctuary Supports Florida Bill to Ban Factory Farming’s Worst Confinement Practices

03/10/11 – Pennsylvania Says Hungry Calves at Livestock Auction “Standard Practice” of Industry

03/04/11 – Farm Sanctuary Condemns Betrayal of Veal Calf Welfare by Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board

02/25/11 – USDA Seeks Comments on Disabled Livestock Petition Submitted by Farm Sanctuary

01/26/11 – Farm Sanctuary Supports Massachusetts Bill to Ban Factory Farming’s Worst Abuses

01/19/11 – Washingtonians for Humane Farms Submits Language for 2011 Ballot Measure to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Improve Food Safety

01/05/11 – Goat Found Hog-Tied in Trunk of Car to Run Free at Farm Sanctuary