2013 Press Releases

2013 Press Releases

12/31/2013 – Brave Pig Takes Leap of Faith Into New Year and New Home

12/18/2013 – Group Seeks Regulations for Handling of Birds at Slaughter

12/16/2013 – Harry P. “Hank” Lynch Named Executive Director and CEO of Farm Sanctuary

11/4/2013 – “Free Birds” Characters Invite You to Adopt a Turkey

9/17/2012 – Animal Welfare Groups Urge NJ Legislators to Support Override on Gestation Crate Bill

9/4/2013 – Rescued Hens Jetting in Style

7/11/2013 – Actor Ryan Gosling Calls for Elimination of Gestation Crates

6/27/2013 – Animal Protection Group Announces Call for Grant Proposals on Research of Farm Animal Emotion and Cognition

5/22/2013 – Animal Advocates Appeal “Foie Gras” Case Against USDA

5/17/2013 – Virgin Vegans (and Veg-Curious) Get Intimate with Hot New Lifestyle Trend at Farm Sanctuary

5/13/2013 – New Jersey Legislature Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Protect Pigs

5/8/2013 – Fashion Week’s ‘Rebel’ Ruled the Runway at FASHION LOVES ANIMALS

4/26/2013 – Nearly 2 Million People Tell FDA Not to Approve GE Salmon

4/22/2013 – Fashion Week’s ‘Rebel’ Rules the Runway at FASHION LOVES ANIMALS

4/17/2013 – Humane Lobby Day Kicks Off in New York

3/21/2013 – Animal Protection Groups Applaud New Jersey Assembly for Overwhelming Vote to Protect Breeding Pigs from Extreme Confinement

3/4/2013 – Grammy Award Winners FUN for Farm Animals

2/11/2013 – Felony Cruelty Charges in Hen Abandonment Case

2/8/2013 – Animal Protection Groups Urge Indiana Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee to Oppose Harmful Anti-Whistleblower Bill

1/14/2013 – Animal Protection Groups Urge New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Committee to Oppose Harmful Ag-Gag Bill