The Odd Couple: Felicity Sheep and Yoda Llama

Yoda and Felicity at Farm Sanctuary

The Odd Couple: Felicity Sheep and Yoda Llama


Felicity and Yoda

Rescue Date

February 4, 2013; January 26, 2014

Quick Facts

Shy Felicity needed someone to look up to; protective Yoda wanted someone to watch over. These unlikely friends are Better Together.

When it comes to love, sometimes opposites really do attract.

At first glance, Yoda and Felicity don’t seem to have much in common. To state the obvious—Yoda is a tall llama and Felicity is a tiny sheep. When it comes to personality, they couldn’t be further apart: Yoda is outgoing and charismatic, while Felicity is shy and reserved.

But trauma survivor Felicity and her loyal ally Yoda are better together, and hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

Yoda Llama at Farm Sanctuary

Felicity was among thirteen sheep, a goat, and a calf rescued from a backyard butcher in Southern California in early 2013. Most of the sheep were elderly, emaciated, terrified, and suffering from a variety of ailments. When they came in, all of the other sheep were closely bonded with one another. Felicity, however, was a loner, and the outcast of the group.

When Felicity met Yoda, everything changed. This odd couple loves to spend time together, relishing all of the joys of life — walking along the hillside, grazing, napping, and inspecting the property. Felicity enjoys the added bonus of being able to hide under her long-legged friend — an especially appreciated benefit for this anxious girl.


  • Felicity is rescued from a backyard butcher.

  • We rescue Yoda through a free Craigslist ad, and he joins the flock.

Felicity and Yoda in their new enclosure

Yoda and Felicity’s special bond reminds us that love comes in all shapes, sizes … and species!

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Llama Loves to Be Around His Sheep Best Friend

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Llama Loves to Be Around His Sheep Best Friend

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[MUSIC PLAYING] It's incredible when you find a friend that knows that you may need a little bit more security or comfort, then it gives that to you. In 2013, we rescued Yoda and Felicity. Felicity was-- this is not Felicity. Felicity was a loner. She didn't bond with any of the sheep or goats that she had been rescued with. And once being integrated to our Southern California flock, she still had a hard time finding friends.

Yoda came in knowing sheep and loving sheep, but they weren't sure about him. They were a little confused with this big foreign alien. He would walk up, they would run away. We believe that when Felicity saw this big magical creature who is Yoda, who she think she fell in love. Felicity started to get a little bit closer to Yoda . We saw them sitting together on the hills eating together. And we saw Yoda shoo off the other sheep, so that Felicity would feel more comfortable.

At my window, we'll see Yoda spitting and getting rid of the rest of the sheep. And letting Felicity eat out the same bowl. It's been really incredible to watch this relationship unfold. And at Farm Sanctuary, they get to be whoever they want to be, and have relationships with who they want to have relationship with. These two remind us daily that sometimes the most unlikely pairs can form the best relationships.


VIDEO 1:56

Llama Loves to Be Around His Sheep Best Friend