This Valentine’s Day, Adopt Rescued Farm Animals Who Are #BetterTogether!

Better Together Animals, Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, Adopt Rescued Farm Animals Who Are #BetterTogether!

Our rescued residents have a lot of heart. Before coming to Farm Sanctuary, these animals faced the very worst of humanity. 

Many lost friends and family to slaughter, while others lacked access to basic care. But they never gave up: they rallied and found strength and healing through one another.

This Valentine’s Day, help us honor their new lives with a special gift from the heart. For a one-time donation of $35, you can sponsor one of these animal pairs—helping us care for our rescued friends while advancing our work to help others like them.

Pippi calf licking Forrest at Farm Sanctuary


Love saved Pippi and Forrest’s lives. First, a kindhearted woman asked if we could rescue Pippi: a premature dairy calf with a “broken heart.” Her condition left her too weak to stand, but with proper care, she got back on her feet. Still, something was missing: cows are herd animals, and Pippi yearned for companionship. Everything changed when she met Forrest: a tiny calf with leg problems, rescued by workers on a beef farm. These once-ailing calves now run and play together, and bond through lots of grooming and snuggles. Their progress shows that love is the best medicine of all!

Yoda and Felicity at Farm Sanctuary


For Felicity and Yoda, love means knowing someone always has your back. The sheep-llama duo takes this quite literally: Yoda often stands above his friend, which helps Felicity feel safe and loved. Sadly, she has carried a lot of trauma; she lost friends and family to slaughter, and remains wary of people to this day. Sheep are smart, though—they can distinguish a friendly from a threatening face—and Felicity is slowly learning to trust. Yoda gives her that confidence … and it makes him feel confident to protect those he loves. They truly bring out the best in one another.

Jane and Sebastian pigs at Farm Sanctuary


Jane and Sebastian met here as piglets, after both escaping slaughter for meat. Sebastian fled from a heritage farm and found shelter at a home nearby. Meanwhile, Jane survived floods that swept her away, and then dragged herself to safety upon dry ground. Thanks to their loving rescuers, these pigs could heal and grow up together. They understand each other in ways no one else can; Sebastian has a tough reputation, but he’s a big softie for his true love. He and Jane often snuggle side by side, and the passage of time only deepens their bond.

For just $35, you can be part of a bonded pair’s journey, while helping others stay together with their loved ones. In gratitude for your compassion, we’ll send you an e-card featuring your “valentines” that you can print for yourself or send to those you love.

If you’d like to share the love year-round, we also offer yearly sponsorships through our Adopt a Farm Animal Program. With this upgrade, you’ll receive a printed adoption certificate featuring your sponsored animal, a color photo, an Adopt a Farm Animal decal, and an opportunity to meet your new friend in person during our visitor season.

Thank you for standing with us in compassion: we are making life better, together!