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Carrie Duck at Farm Sanctuary

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Rescue Date

May 12, 2013




Carrie came from a foie gras facility. Since females are not as profitable, a manager gave Carrie to an undercover investigator, who then brought her to Farm Sanctuary.

Carrie was born at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in May 2013, while a cruelty investigator happened to be working undercover there.

When the facility’s manager suggested that the investigator take home four newborn female ducklings to give his mom for Mother’s Day, the activist seized the unusual opportunity. He accepted Carrie and three others and brought them to our New York Shelter. Foie gras is created by force-feeding male ducks until their livers are morbidly diseased. Because they have larger veins in their livers, female ducks are considered unsuitable for foie gras, but they are still mistreated by the industry. Raised for meat at many facilities, they are typically confined in dark sheds, subjected to harsh treatment, and slaughtered in their youth. How different the lives of Carrie and her friends are here at Farm Sanctuary! The four have grown into healthy, beautiful adults who revel in the outdoors. Foie gras industry proponents claim that ducks of this breed, Moulard, hate the water, but Carrie defies that self-serving nonsense. She loves to swim, shooting through the water like a penguin.


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Carrie Duck at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter