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Georgia Hardstark

Georgia Hardstark Hen at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter

Adopt a Farm Animal

Georgia Hardstark


Georgia Hardstark

Rescue Date

March 31, 2018


Freedom Ranger


Georgia Hardstark and her friend, Karen Kilgariff, escaped from their confines upon arriving at a slaughterhouse.

When people meet farm animals like Georgia Hardstark, they discover that human and non-human animals share more similarities than differences—and that no matter who we are, our stories deserve to be heard.

Unfortunately, Georgia’s story almost ended before it could truly begin. Georgia is a Freedom Ranger—a breed commonly raised and slaughtered for meat. Sadly, more than 8 billion chickens face this fate each year in the U.S. alone; Georgia, on the other hand, was able to start a new chapter. After arriving at a Queens, NY, slaughterhouse, Georgia and another hen, Karen Kilgariff, broke free and ran for their lives—finding refuge in the arms of local animal activists who were protesting the abuse they had witnessed there. The hens were scared and sick; both had upper respiratory infections and worms, but after receiving the care and love they needed, they began to heal and thrive. We happily welcomed the girls to Farm Sanctuary, where they remain inseparable to this day. Like their namesakes, the cohosts of a popular true crime/comedy podcast, this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. Brave, sweet, and curious Georgia now has her whole life ahead of her, and we’re so excited to watch her story unfold.


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Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff hens at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter