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Maggie Pig at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter

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June 30, 2012


Yorkshire Cross


Maggie was born at Farm Sanctuary within hours of rescuing her mom, Julia, from abuse on a factory farm

Maggie was born at our New York Shelter a mere eight hours after we rescued her mother, Julia, from a factory farm.

A breeding sow, Julia had spent months nearly immobilized in a tiny gestation crate with no distraction or relief. As workers moved her from this torturous device to an equally cramped farrowing crate to give birth, they kicked her, beat her, burned her with an electrified prod, and dragged her by the ears. The trauma-induced premature labor, and the health of the 16 piglets Julia bore at our shelter was fragile during their first days with us. Now, Maggie and her siblings have grown into hardy, happy pigs. Playful and sweet, Maggie enjoys the attention of her human friends and is devoted to her sister Liza. Though she can be timid in unfamiliar situations, once Liza faces them, Maggie gladly dives right in after her.


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Maggie pig at Farm Sanctuary